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Making Colors

Little ones love color, but learning the names of colors is sometimes a challenge. This fun science activity for kids allows your children to create their favorite colors while learning their names. As a result, they will enjoy the learning process while building knowledge that is fundamental to their growth.

Activity Instructions

Set a layer of newspaper on your table or, if the weather is nice, outside on the porch or in the yard. Set out several glasses of water and the food coloring. Make sure that the food coloring is out of reach of your kids, as it does not wash out of clothes easily.For this reason, have your kids put on clothes that can be stained just in case.

Once everything is set up, talk to your little ones about their favorite colors. Point to things around the house or backyard and ask them what color they are. Then, one color at a time, put a drop of food coloring into each glass. Stir the water and explain how you can mix the different colors to create new ones.

Use the basic color chart to show your kids how the different primary colors can be combined. Next, demonstrate these combinations. For example, add yellow food coloring to the blue to create green. Continue until you have exhausted all of the colors.



With this activity, your kids will see how the primary colors can be combined to make other hues. This will also help them in memorizing the names of the colors and identifying them in their surroundings.