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Solar System Model

Often called "the final frontier," space is a topic your elementary school children may find fascinating. Learning about planets and their orbits is fun, but your kids will find creating their own solar systems even more exciting. Not only will children learn more about the planets and their orbits, they will learn how to construct models and further develop their spatial skills.

Activity Instructions

Print out pictures of each of the eight planets and the sun, as well as a few notes that highlight important facts about each. Then, cover the dining room or other table with newspapers to prevent spills. Set out the paint, paint brushes, cups of water, and Styrofoam spheres. Additionally, keep plenty of paper towels within reach.

Help your children paint each of the spheres to represent a planet and one to represent the sun while discussing the facts you have prepared about each planet. Once finished, use the pointed wooden sticks to attach each planet to the sun. Attach a hook to the top of the sun and thread fishing line through it, so it can hang.


  • Nine Styrofoam spheres of different sizes, correlating with the relative sizes of the planets and the sun
  • Wooden sticks of various lengths
  • A variety of paint (blue, green, red, orange, purple, etc.)
  • Paint brushes
  • A cup of water
  • Paper towels
  • A hook and fishing line to hang the finished product


While creating their own solar systems, your kids will learn why the planets are different from one another. Additionally, this fun science activity for kids will help hone their hand-eye coordination, painting abilities, and spatial skills.