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Problems & Decisions

To help your teen build a foundation of preparation for moments of intense emotions. It's easier to react instead of respond when faced with a difficult choice, and it can help to have a formula to follow when challenging moments arise.

Activity Instructions:

Provide your teen with paper or a journal for this exercise. Have her come up with an instance when she has felt the need to react emotionally to an external trigger, such as facing unwanted chores or peer pressure situations.

Fill in the following formula with regards to the situation: When I feel ___________, I can think _____________ (about self, others or situation), but I will do _____________(action plan to do something productive and non-reactive).

In this way, your teen will have constructive ideas in place when stressful situations arise.


  • Paper or personal journal
  • Pen or pencil


Your child gains confidence in making decisions, particularly in the heat of the moment.