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The Elementary School Bully

Kids entering elementary school are exposed to a larger degree of social interaction than they may have experienced previously. Many kids are subject to bullying for the first time. For parents looking to help kids adjust to life in elementary school, addressing the topic of bullying is a crucial conversation.

The Story of a Bully

Elementary school bullying often begins with relatively minor, yet hurtful comments and can quickly escalate to cruel behavior. For example: Mark and Thomas were walking to class one day. Luke, a classmate, passed by and called them "losers." Mark and Thomas brushed off the comment, but later that week Luke tripped Mark in the cafeteria and stole Thomas' desert at lunch. Soon, both Mark and Thomas were scared of crossing paths with Luke who constantly belittled and humiliated them.

What to do?

Mark and Thomas' parents may want to discuss Luke’s behavior with a teacher. School employees will be able monitor Luke’s behavior and discipline him as deemed acceptable by the school. The teacher can also help Mark’s and Thomas’ parents contact Luke's parents to make them aware of their son's behavior. Luke's parents should explain to Luke why his behavior is inappropriate and utilize proper disciplinary tools to put a stop to it.

Don't Get Discouraged

Influencing the behavior of an elementary aged child may be more difficult than it was when the child was younger. Disciplinary actions may take longer to have an effect. Don't get discouraged, though, and always work to enforce proper behavior and teach your children to stand up against bullies in a non-violent way.