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Tips for Homework Success

There's no avoiding homework. Even kindergartners get homework assignments. Use this opportunity to begin good homework habits early on so your child will be better prepared for middle and high school.

Good Habits for Students

Elementary school aged kids often need a parent to make sure they have completed their homework, and they also usually need some assistance in understanding the assignment and instructions. Kids who get this support and are held accountable tend to do better academically. Here are some parenting tips for helping your child be more successful with her homework:

  • You need to make homework a priority as well as a part of your child's evening routine. Have a special time and place that is reserved for doing homework. Even if you don't need to sit with your child to do it, check on her to see if she needs help and look everything over to make sure she did it.
  • If you struggle to get your child to do her homework, there are things you can do to eliminate that fight. First, use reward and behavior charts. With these, your child will need to get her homework done before she can do things like play video games or watch television. You could also try signing a behavior contract with your child; she'll have to agree to get her homework done each day.
  • Set up a points and reward system using a behavior chart. On the chart, you can list specific behaviors that are key to getting homework done. Points earned can be exchanged for rewards you select together.
  • Sign your child up for tutoring if she needs it. If finances are an issue, ask if they scholarships or other financial assistance are available.
  • Try reverse psychology. If your child doesn't want to do her homework, don't argue. Just put it back in the folder and say something like, "That's fine, but you will need to explain to your teacher why it's not done, and you can't play any video games today." Leave it at that and calmly walk away. You may see that your child quickly takes interest in getting her work done!

Good Habits Make Good Students

Studying and getting homework done go hand in hand. Good homework habits are a learned skill. You can help your child create good homework habits that will last her throughout her academic career. Just be consistent, use a few parenting behavior tools, and you will win the homework battle!