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Summer Camp: Fun and Learning

Most parents with elementary school aged kids certainly understand the need for summers to be both relaxing and educational. Of course, kids in elementary school look forward to their summer vacations because the break from traditional schooling entails sleeping in, playing games, and not having to go to class. However, parents should consider enrolling kids in summer camps that allow children to have a great time while keeping their minds engaged.

Selecting a Summer Camp

Though kids want the summer to be focused on fun, parents should look for summer camp options that walk the tightrope between entertainment and learning. Many exciting summer camps offer programs that do just that—allowing your child to enjoy her summer while continuing to develop her academic, social, and physical capabilities. Kids may or may not be ready to go to sleep away camps, but depending upon your child's interests and goals, you can find the perfect program—be it a day camp or an overnight camp.

  • Sports camps. Sports camps have much more to offer than the promise of recruiters and scholarships; important skills, such as teamwork, responsibility, and accountability are all developed in sports camps.
  • Arts programs. For kids who are into the arts, camps that teach theater, music, painting, sculpting, pottery, and other artistic skills are a wonderful option. From day camps at the local theater to overnight camps a couple of cities away, art programs have much to offer and cater to a wide variety of needs.
  • Recreational camps. Traditional summer camps offer activities that may seem purely entertaining on the surface, such as putting together skits, zip lining, playing games, and learning new arts and crafts, but really these activities teach core values to kids who are learning to interact with one another and challenge their own capabilities.

Elementary aged kids can access to a large variety of summer camp options. The final decision on a summer camp program should be made after a good deal of research and discussion, and you should, of course, consider the input of your child. By taking your child's interests and goals into consideration, you can find a summer camp that offers both fun and learning.