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Summer Camps for Elementary-Schoolers

By the first week of summer, you probably can't wait for the start of camp. Camp not only gives you a break but it also gives your child the opportunity to learn about something he's interested in and build valuable social skills. Whether your child is preparing for his fourth year at summer camp, or his first, it's always good to try something new.

So Many Summer Camps

There are a variety of camps to choose from, including overnight camps and day camps. It's important to sit-down and talk with your child about what appeals to and interests him. Both of you need to disregard what the neighbor's kids are doing and make the decision together. Here are some types of day and overnight summer camps to choose from:

  • Art camps. Art camps focus primarily on music, dance, and theatre arts. Your child can expect to deepen his love and appreciation of the fine arts at these types of camps. Your child can learn or enhance his beginner or expert skills, depending on what camp you choose.
  • Academic camps. Academic camps may focus on a specific subject like math, English, science, etc. These summer camps provide an educational experience and help children excel in school.
  • Wilderness camps. Depending on where you live, this might be an overnight camp choice. A trip into the wild will help your child develop an appreciation for nature and learn wilderness danger and survival techniques.
  • Religious camps. Children of certain religious dominations may enjoy these types of camps. Children will experience traditional camp activities infused with prayer time, Bible studies, and religious services.
  • Sports camps. Sports camps are often a popular choice among elementary-aged kids, and just about every sport has its own camp. Your child's school will probably offer a wide array of sports camps to choose from, which teach important sports techniques from people who know it best.

Your child might want to try a particular camp that he's never shown interest in before or one that he isn't familiar with. In this case, get the camp's brochure, go over daily activities and lessons with your child, and make sure the camp caters to beginners. You can also prepare your child for summer camp by talking about activities he can expect. Remember to make a decision that both of you are comfortable and satisfied with.