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Kids Health and Safety - for Parents of Elementary Schoolers

Grade Schoolers and Kids Health

Having healthy kids who aren't picky eaters is easier using these parenting articles' tips. Learn about keeping kids safe, healthy snacking, home safety tips, and more.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), during the years of 1976-1980, only 6.5 percent of children ages 6-11 were considered obese. Today, that number has risen to nearly 20 percent! Clearly, the obesity epidemic that is plaguing America has reached some of our youngest citizens. The good news is that there are things we can do to help get childhood obesity under control!

It's hard to imagine your elementary-aged child even considering the idea of smoking. However, 90 percent of all adult smokers started when they were children, and each day nearly 4,000 kids become regular smokers. Sure, these facts aren't to scare you, but they should also serve as a heads up that your young child might actually try smoking sometime in the near future; maybe he already has.

At some point, every parent has to face the question: Is my child ready to be home alone. Children often want access this option well before they are actually ready. While it's nice that your child is interested in such independence, you still need to use caution when implementing this big move!

Every class has one kid who everyone else calls "the stinky kid." You know... the child that doesn't seem to know how to perform routine hygiene habits. The last thing that every parent wants is for that kid to be theirs! You can help prevent stinky-kid syndrome by preparing your child to practice some basic self-care and establish healthy hygiene habits.

We live in a society that is obsessed with body image. That's why we are fascinated by supermodels and why we purchase products that feature a pretty face in their advertising. But, body image is more than an advertisement; it is a serious aspect of self esteem that all parents should address. It is important that kids grow up with a healthy body image, and you do can set the stage for that to happen.

No matter their age, most kids love snacks. And, snacking can actually be a good thing, if done in a healthy way. Snacks provide children with the extra calories and energy they need to keep going and growing. But, it is important for kids to make healthy snack choices, and this is where parents and caretakers can make a difference.

Routines not only make life easier, kids thrive on them. Mealtimes are no exception. Having a routine in place for mealtimes is beneficial for both you and your children. And implementing such routines is easier than you may think!

Having a safe home is a family effort. Families need to be diligent together to keep their home safe, and elementary age kids are at the right age to start pitching in and helping!

For many parents, getting a child to brush and floss his teeth regularly can be more like pulling them. Yet, brushing and flossing is an essential part of getting your child to take part in caring for his hygiene, as well as his health. The good news is that getting your child to brush and floss each day doesn't have to be a battle. With time and a few KidPointz tools and tricks, your child will proudly take care of his pearly whites!

When children are not raised to value regular exercise and activity, they are more likely to develop weight problems and other health problems. There is also more of a risk that they will grow up to be adults who are inactive. Getting your child to be more active is easier than you might think. It doesn't need to be a battle; instead, focus on making it fun!