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Modeling Behavior - Powerful Results

Have you ever heard the line "do as I say, not as I do," or said it to your child? There is a good chance that you were either told it as a child, or you have said it to yours. And if you are like most parents, you probably haven't given much thought as to how effective modeling behavior can be.

Modeling Behavior: Watch, Repeat

Kids are notorious for watching what their parents, teachers and caregivers do and then mimicking those behaviors. This type of situation is called modeling, and it is important in helping children learn. Children love to imitate adults, and if the adults they are watching are modeling good behavior, it can go a long way toward effectively teaching them life lessons. Here are some parenting tips to keep in mind when it comes to modeling behavior for your kids:

  • Model good behavior. The most important thing to remember is that there is a good chance that kids will copy everything that you do. So you want to make sure you are doing things that you don't mind them doing.
  • Ditch bad habits. If you have behaviors or habits in which you do not want your child engaging, either ditch the habit or keep it out of site so that they don't know you do it.
  • Look for ways that you can model behavior to teach them something you specifically want them to learn. This can be an effective way to get the behavior you desire.
  • Watch for bad influences. If your child is behaving in a particular way and you are not sure where it is coming from, look at some of the other adults they are around and see if someone may be modeling behavior that they are imitating. If so, you may want to bring it up to the person, even if it is in a joking manner.

Parents Set the Example

Children need adults to set a good example throughout life. By watching adults, they learn how to behave, right from wrong, how to get along with others, and so much more! Because of this, it is important that you set a good example. Modeling behavior can be a successful route to helping to shape our child, so make it count. Believe it or not, they really are watching and learning, and it is just a matter of time before they are copying!