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All About Extracurricular Activities

Today's tweens and teens have a wide selection of extra curricular activities from which to choose. From art clubs, to reading group,s to sport,s and beyond, there is something for everyone! The good news is that extra curricular activities can provide your child with a host of benefits. The bad news is that you have to keep extra curricular activities in check so that your child doesn't become overextended. However, mastering the extra curricular balancing act is actually easier than you may think!

Benefits Abound for Extracurricular Activities

The only downside to extra curricular activities is that if you allow your child to engage in too many of them at once, she may feel buried in things to do. That can lead to burnout, and her performance in both her activities and her schoolwork may suffer. But if you help your child keep her commitments in moderation, there are plenty of benefits to be gained. Extra curricular activities can enrich a child's learning experience, keep her active, introduce her to new things, and more!

Parenting tips to help kids manage extracurriculars:

  • Help your child find activities that suit her interests. There are many available, but you want to let her have a say in the ones they try. Be careful not to over-scheduled your child.
  • Try to find activities that allow your child to focus on consecutively throughout the year, rather than trying to juggle everything all at once.
  • Use a reward system to keep up with schedules and still get everything accomplished. Ensure that chores get done in addition to the extra curricular activities, and leave room for family time!
  • Avoid pushing your child to participate in a particular activity if she doesn't like it. Encourage her to finish out the session, but have her pick something else to do next time.
  • Teens and tweens like to explore different areas, and extracurricular activities are an ideal way for them to spread their wings. Ask if there are scholarships available if lack the funding for a particular activity. Although many organizations don't always advertise it, many offer tuition assistance for those in need.

Along with extracurricular activities introducing children to new ideas and concepts, they may gain skills, meet new friends, and learn new responsibilities. As long as you take steps to make sure your child is not over scheduled, she should reap the rewards of her activities. You can help your child successfully navigate the extracurricular activity!