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Summer Camps Decisions

By the time your child is a tween or teen, he will be old enough to help you decide what type of summer camp he would like to attend. From sleep away camps to local day camps, there is nearly always an available program to fit the budget, time constraints, and interests. Be sure to consider all of your options when choosing the perfect summer camp. Discuss your child's interests with him and work together to decide which camp is best.

Camps for Summer

For many kids, summer camp has become a yearly tradition; one that many children wish to uphold by attending the same camp that they have gone to during previous summers. For kids who have not yet settled into a favorite summer destination, picking the right program can be tricky. By narrowing down the interests of your child, researching available camps, and considering all aspects of each program, you can find the perfect summer camp for your child.

  • Traditional camps. Most kids that talk about going to summer camp are referring to sleep away camps. Sleep away camps offer a variety of activities, all geared toward challenging the abilities of kids while enhancing core values, such as teamwork, responsibility, and leadership.
  • Arts camps. Children who are interested in the arts, including acting, music, singing, painting, sculpting, etc., can choose from a large list of day and overnight programs that will provide them with the instruction and resources they need to enhance their talents while providing social interaction.
  • Sports camps. Kids who are into sports in this age group are often starting to get serious about their commitment to their team or event. From swimming and football to dancing and cheerleading, there are a host of programs directed at different sporting events.

Many kids would rather sleep late, watch television, play games, and eat junk food all summer rather than get up in the mornings and participate in group activities. If you find the right summer camp program, though, one that presents the interests of your child while encouraging the development of important skills and the honing of talents, you can keep your child active in a way that is both fun and educationally valuable.