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Help for Peer Pressure in High School and in Middle School

Learn about peer pressure statistics so you know what teens and tweens are dealing with. Then get the peer pressure facts to help you and your child overcome this issue.

Helping Kids with Peer Pressure

As many parents know, peer pressure in high school can get serious. It’s important to give our kids the tools they need to avoid and deal with peer pressure, whether they are tweens or teens. Our parenting articles share expert advice on exactly what children are experiencing today, through peer pressure statistics, and detail how teenagers and tweens can prepare themselves to make the right choices. Learn about several types of peer pressure, both negative and positive peer pressure, and how choosing good friends increases your child’s safety. Good influences = positive peer pressure.

Now that your child has entered middle school, you've probably noticed she has a tight knit group of friends. But, as much as we want our kids to have friends, beware of groups known as cliques. Cliques may foster feelings of peer pressure and insecurity in teens and tweens.

Ever worry about your child getting involved in gangs? You are not alone! Across the country, parents are finding that in addition to peer pressure and other things parents need to watch out for, gangs have been added to the list. When it comes to keeping your kids from gangs, begin to tackle the challenge as early as middle school or junior high.

No parent wants to imagine his or her child picking up a cigarette. Unfortunately, the reality is many kids begin to smoke by taking a puff a few times here and there, and then suddenly smoking turns into a full blown habit. In fact, most smokers picked up the habit when they were young, likely as the result of peer pressure from friends or older siblings.

We've all dealt with peer pressure in the past, and we may even be battling it today. We're constantly doing things we don't necessary want to do but we do anyways just to make someone else happy. It's hard to break free from the peer-pressure cycle, and that's why it's important to teach tweens and teens coping methods to help them combat peer pressure. The last thing any parent wants is for a child to do something that they know is wrong just to please someone else

Conflicts are a normal part of life, regardless of your child's age. But when you are the parent of young teens, you may find that conflicts occur more often than you expected. Not only can become stressful to listen to your child's conflicts, but it can also be a source of frustration. Being able to address conflicts can make the difference between a headache and pulling your hair out!

There is something about make-up that seems to appeal to just about every girl! By the time your child reaches the tween or teen years, she may feel that wearing makeup is a necessary part of her daily routine. Some parents worry that their teen is too young to wear makeup. But, is there a 'right' age for your child to begin wearing makeup?

For many kids, peer pressure is an ugly fact of life. As the parent of a teen or a tween, you'll want to encourage your child to make the right decisions, and those decisions mean that your child will have to know when to do the right thing even if it goes against what's 'cool.' Teaching teens to be individuals is no small task, but there is help. Take advantage of these parenting tips and peer pressure advice.

When you hear the phrase "peer pressure," it usually conjures up seedy scenes of a group of teens chanting and bullying another kid to do something he shouldn't. From drugs to smoking and sex and everything in between, peer pressure is a scary thing for most parents to think about. But, did you know that not all peer pressure is a bad thing? It's true!

One thing all tweens and teens have in common is the fact that they will have to face teen peer pressure at some point during their developmental years. Whether they realize it or not, teenagers experience social pressures almost constantly. As a parent, you should be aware of the types of peer pressure your teen will face as teens in order to prepare her to do what's right.

Any parent with a teen or tween knows just how important their child's best friend can be. In fact, friends are one of the most important factors in your child's life. Peer pressure may be an issue as well, but the best friend can be a good influence or a negative one. For the most part, your child's BFFs is here to stay, so it helps to know what to expect and how to handle BFFs relationships.