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Chore Charts: Allowance

Chore Charts: Allowance

These chore charts use a child's allowance as an incentive to keep a kid on track and motivated to do their chores. You can list a portion of their allowance in the the column provided for each chore and responsibility that you assign to a child.

13 Charts Available
Free Printable Chore Chart
1. Free Printable Chore Chart

First, we’ll begin the day by organizing our bed and making sure everything is neat and tidy...

ChoreChart: Allowance for Children
2. ChoreChart: Allowance for Children

This simplistic chart for kids is a great visual aid in helping your kids stay on task and be attentive in making sure they are on top of their chores...

Allowance Charts
3. Allowance Charts

Making sure children understand the importance of money is an important part of parenting...

Money for Children: Allowance
4. Money for Children: Allowance

At some point children need a bit more independence and maybe even some money in their pockets...

Child Allowance
5. Child Allowance

With this chart you can easily keep track and document each and every accomplishment your child achieves of theirs, how well they stay focused on their end goal, how well they get the job done without any issues, as well as finishing any tasks they were handed without giving up...

Children Allowance Chart
6. Children Allowance Chart

An allowance can be a nice incentive for children to get work done during the week whether it's picking up toys, helping with laundry, or helping to set the table for a meal...

Behavior Charts with Allowance
7. Behavior Charts with Allowance

This fun and interactive chore chart is a great addition to any child's life...

Chart for Kids: Allowance and Chores
8. Chart for Kids: Allowance and Chores

How do you feel about giving your children allowances after they complete their chores? Have you ever practice that before? If you are contemplating about whether or not it is the right thing to do to give your children allowance after they have completed their chores, this short article will be able to give you better insight as to the pros and the cons that come along with this...

Chore Charts: Allowance
9. Chore Charts: Allowance

Recording the chores that children are supposed to perform during the week as well as the amount of money that each task is worth can sometimes keep children a bit more organized than if they were to be directly told what to do only to forget what was said a short time later...

Chore Schedules: Allowance
10. Chore Schedules: Allowance

Setting an example, showing that working hard is rewarding, is a foundational stepping stone that will stay with your child for a lifetime...

Chores for Kids: Allowance
11. Chores for Kids: Allowance

Kids love money, well spending it anyway...

Printable Allowance Charts
12. Printable Allowance Charts

This printable allowance chart allows kids to keep track of the chores that need to be accomplished that week...

Printable Chart for Chores: Allowance
13. Printable Chart for Chores: Allowance

Making sure children are doing their chores, and making sure that they understand what they will be getting for doing their chores, is an important part of both parenting and teaching...