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Weekly Chore Charts

These chore charts list the different chores and tasks for a child to complete along with the days of the week. Circle the days each chore must be done and have your child check off their accomplishments on the chart.

17 Charts Available
1. Money for Children: Chore Charts

Keeping track of monetary rewards for doing chores can be difficult, but with our printable chore charts there will be no question as to whether or not your little one as earned their allowance! Take the fuss out of getting your kids to uphold their responsibilities by getting them actively involved in tracking their progress and counting down until they receive their reward!

2. ChoreCharts: Printable

Teaching children the importance of responsibility can be tough, but with our printable chore charts you can make it fun! These printables will serve as a constant reminder to your children of their responsibilities while allowing them the excitement of counting down until they have earned one of our whimsical certificates!

3. Behavior Charts: Printable Chores

Good behavior is key in managing a happy and healthy family. Children need to understand that behaving well is not a “one and done” type of principle. When you use Behavior Charts by Kid Pointz, you will be able to communicate effectively with your child and help them understand what appropriate behavior every day. Furthermore, you will help your child feel rewarded and accountable for their actions as they realize that good behavior has its privileges.

4. Printable Chart for Chores

Our printable chart for chores is one of the easiest ways to set a schedule for kids in your household and get them to stick to it. Your child will be able to see what is expected of them and understand that the job needs to get done in order for them to be rewarded. There is no better way for a kid to stay excited and motivated than when they get to check off a job well done!

5. Chores for Kids: Printable

When starting a chore regimen around your house it is important that your child feel that they are working towards a goal and getting their work done in an organized way. Our chores for kids printable chore charts will help your child stay organized and efficient while keeping them motivated with their eye set on the reward that the two of you set in advance. Teach important lessons and make them stick with our free chore chart!

6. ChoreChart: Printable

If you are a parent that is struggling to keep your children aware of their responsibilities then our free chore charts are just what you need! As a constant reminder, chore charts will motivate your kids by allowing them to actively track the work they have done and monitor how close they are to receiving their reward—be it an allowance or one of our fun certificates!

7. Chart for Kids: Printable Chores List

Our free Chart for Kids: Printable Chores List is a great tool for getting your kids to work towards rewards around the house. When you begin using our free Chore Charts, you will be able to monitor the work your kids done and instill good values into their everyday life. After all, it is never too early to help your kids understand that hard work is rewarded!

8. Chore Schedules: Printable

When you and your child come to an agreement that they are going to do some chores around the house, it is best to keep a visible schedule where your kid can understand what is expected of them each and every day. On our chore schedule: printable charts you can assign task and your child can monitor his or her progress as they finish them. Kids will stay excited as they see the progress they make and stay accountable each and every day!

9. Child Printable Chore Chart

Printable charts have long been a valued resource for parents teaching their kids about responsibility, and with our free printables you and your children can make tracking chores and rewards a great experience! No more fights or squabbles about putting toys away; now your children can see firsthand how their good behavior earns certificates or other rewards!

10. Children Printable Chore Chart

Getting your children to do their chores may be a chore in and of itself, but with our printable chore charts for kids you will be able to help your children track their responsibilities. By offering points or other rewards, you can get your kids excited about learning how to be more responsible! Additionally, these chore charts work well with our certificates.

11. ChoreChart: Printables for Children

The Kid Pointz ChoreChart is part of our printables for children product line that helps your kid stay on task as they complete their chores. Your child will be excited as they see the progress they make, check off completed work and reach towards their goals. Help your kids understand the cause and effect of hard work with our free ChoreChart!

12. Free Printable Chore Chart

If asking your kids to do their chores has become more of an epic battle than anything else you may want to try our free printable chore charts. With the ability to track their responsibilities, earn rewards, and see how their good behavior pays off your kids will be excited to cross items off of their to do list in no time!

13. Printable Charts for Children and Chores

Children typically learn about hard work and earning an allowance from their parents. However, sometimes there can be challenges with keeping your kids on task. Take the headache out of household chores with Kid Pointz printable charts for children and chores. Our chore chart will help kids monitor their chores on a chart and help them learn about important lessons in goal setting as they work to get the job done!

14. Printables: Chore Charts

Printables are a great way to get organized when raising kids, and with our free printable chore charts you can take the stress out of chore time! Kids need to learn responsibility, and by allowing them to track their commitments and earn points for good behavior you can instill in them a value for upholding these tasks regularly!

15. Charts for Kids: Chores On Chart

Instituting household chores with your children doesn’t have to be a chore, instead you can make it fun with our Charts for Kids: Chores on Chart program that allows your child to see what jobs they have been assigned, when they need to be completed and what their reward will be for a job well done. Kids enjoy seeing their progress and you will keep a happy house when you begin using chore charts by Kid Pointz.

16. Chore Charts: Printable

When you teach your kids about how to complete household chores, you also want to make sure they have fun in the process. There is no better way to instill good behavior and keep your children on task than with our printable chore charts that allow a kid to track their progress and focus on their goals while also getting the job done. Kids will stay motivated and focused as they learn that hard work leads to achievement!

17. Printable Charts with Chores

When you use a Kid Pointz printable charts with chores to assign household tasks to your children, you will be able to help them stay accountable as to what is expected of them around your house. Kids will feel rewarded when they check off a job well done and you will make sure that your child learns how to manage responsibility.