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Chore Chart for Children  - Stars

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This chart can be used for splitting up chores between your children if you have more than one child, splitting up chores between your child, you and the other parent, switching up chores so no one is stuck going the same chore over and over or getting tired of having the same chores to complete. The chores on this chart can also vary depending on your child's age, abilities, and what type of chore you think your child will successfully complete, and this chart can be used to track who actually completed their chore completely without complaining or arguing about the type of chore they have as well as how focused your child was while completing their chores. You can also have times and dates on this chart to write down when your child's chore should be completed or what time of the day they should start their chores such as making their beds in the morning, putting their dirty laundry away in the laundry baskets, helping set the table for breakfast, helping take out the garbage at night and helping put away dishes at night. Many parents use this as a reward charts for their child or children mainly because they can see how responsible and honest their child is to complete their chores and weekly tasks completely without lying or complaining.