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Chore Chart for Children - Color Your Own

Chore Chart for Children  - Color Your Own

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You may want your child to do some of the things in the house such as mopping the floor, sweeping the floor, or even cleaning the basement, but how can you do that? Simple, give them a Chore chart to help them out! With a chore chart, you will be able to let your child help you at home by giving you ease since the chart comes with a section to color. The coloring section gives your child the motivation to get all of them colored by a certain rate. The chore chart comes out with a number of tasks that are very common in many homes. The following chores that are provided on this chart are, sweeping the floor, setting the table, making the bed, and cleaning up toys. There is also another section that is blank so that you can come up with another one for your child to do. The coloring sections are from Sunday to Saturday with each of the chores having a spot to color. Without a doubt, the result of having this chart can help your child out in the house and learn how to be responsible and perhaps, lead to the path of self-autonomous action to doing things without being told while at home.