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Chore Chart for Children - Coloring

Chore Chart for Children  - Coloring

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When children have a little more control over the chores that they have to do in school or at home, they are usually more inclined to complete them. A Chore Chart for Children-Coloring is an option to consider that allows children to customize the pictures on the chart in any way before hanging the chart in a location where it can be seen every day. If the chart is used for a classroom, then each student can color their own design and even decorate it with stickers and other items to make it stand out from the others that are in the class. The chart is divided into squares that feature different designs that depict various chores that can be completed along with small circles for each day of the week. Children can color the chart in any way they like, getting the circles marked off when the chores are completed so that all of the circles can be added at the end of the week. Some of the images include a dog food bowl and food, a dishwasher, and a stack of towels. There is also a blank space so that parents or teachers can add their own chore instead of using the ones that are on the chart.