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Chore Chart for Children - Bees

Chore Chart for Children  - Bees

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What’s all the buzz about? Find out how to make your little worker bee a busy bee with this interactive chore chart. Don’t worry these bees won’t sting! With this tool, children will earn their wings by gaining responsibilities around the house. Little ones will learn to add basic chores to their daily routines such as feeding pets, making the bed, setting the table, washing the dishes, and taking out the trash. The buzzing bees chore chart comes with free printable stickers to keep track of daily responsibilities. Fill the the honeycombs with bees and flowers by the end of the week for each chore that is complete. Earn rewards for all the tasks completed. Printable rewards can be found on Kid Pointz or feel free to use your own. Buzzing bees will turn chores into fun! Just like bees make honey, kids can learn how to make some money too! This is a great way to implement an allowance system, teaching children the value of hard work. The bee chore chart is sure to encourage and reinforce responsibilities in a positive and effective manner. It gives children the opportunity to practice following instructions, taking care of their own things, and making their parents proud. This sure BEE-longs in your home!