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Our exercise charts for kids are a great way to ensure that your children are getting enough exercise each week. It's important for your child to stay active and eat healthy. Exercise charts are the perfect tool to help you monitor the progress of your kid.

5 Charts Available
1. Exercise Chart for Children

A sense of accomplishment is an important aspect of exercising, one that kids love. Those little ones that are interested in jump roping will jump for joy over our themed exercise charts, which allow them to track their activities and maintain the motivation they need to stay active and keep fit! With the ability to mark their progress, your kids will love their new exercise charts!

2. Children's Workout Chart

Maintaining a children’s workout chart is crucial when you are trying to teach your little ones the importance of staying in shape. For those kids that love figure skating, our figure skating themed exercise charts are the perfect organizational tools that will allow them to keep up with their progress and gain satisfaction at seeing how hard they have worked!

3. Workout Chart for Children

Many kids are fans of soccer, so we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to provide free printable soccer exercise charts! Keeping up with practices and games, as well as time logged in the back yard, will not only keep kids organized, but will motivate them to continue to be active and healthy! Soccer provides many benefits to kids and can be a great way keep them on their toes!

4. Exercise Routine Charts for Kids

Swimming is a hugely popular sport among kids, and many of them don’t even realize it is good for them! By using our exercise routine charts for kids, you can keep your little ones active, at a healthy weight, and excited about exercise. These free printable charts will become an important part of tracking your children’s activity and keeping them excited about swimming.

5. Kids Exercise Chart

Biking is one of the most popular physical activities among kids, and keeping up with the miles your kids book can be easy with our bike-themed kids exercise charts! Staying active is crucial to keeping a healthy weight and keeping fit, which is why tracking your children’s exercise habits can really help keep them at the top of their game!