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Exercise Charts for Kids

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Our exercise charts for kids are a great way to ensure that your children are getting enough exercise each week. It's important for your child to stay active and eat healthy. Exercise charts are the perfect tool to help you monitor the progress of your kid.

5 Charts Available
Exercise Chart for Children
1. Exercise Chart for Children

Are you struggling to find a way to keep your children active and healthy? During the summer, it can be a little overwhelming having your children home from school...

Children's Workout Chart
2. Children's Workout Chart

Growing up, you probably heard many different reasons why you needed to stay active as a child...

Workout Chart for Children
3. Workout Chart for Children

The child who exercises is healthy...

Exercise Routine Charts for Kids
4. Exercise Routine Charts for Kids

Whether it's ballet recitals, musicals and plays in school, or just having fun and rocking out around the house, kids love to dance; with this colorful and bright exercise routine chart, you can have your kids up, moving, and enjoying exercise like never before...

Kids Exercise Chart
5. Kids Exercise Chart

Exercising can be a fun activity for children to do while also offering a way to stay healthy, especially for children who tend to like playing video games or watching television a bit more than average...