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Exercise Charts for Teens

Teen Exercise Chart

Proper exercise is essential for kids who are teens, as this is the time when their bodies undergo significant changes. Our free exercise charts can help your teenage child to stay healthy and to maintain the proper weight.

5 Charts Available
1. Teen's Workout Chart

Keeping teenagers active is an important part of encouraging healthy living, and weight training is a great exercise for them to practice while their bodies undergo the changes of adolescence. With our free printable charts, you can help your teens stay healthy and maintain a an acceptable weight by tracking their weekly workouts.

2. Exercise Chart for Teens

Exercise is important for anybody, but for teens in particular, as their bodies are growing and undergoing massive changes. Motivate your teens to exercise by using our free, printable exercise charts. These charts will help your teens organize their exercise goals and turn fitness into a matter of daily routine.

3. Teen Exercise Chart

Lots of teenagers love the thrill and excitement of snowboarding, but did you know that it provides them with a great workout, too? Printable charts that track snowboarding activities can help your kids stay active while getting the right amount of exercise they need to keep their changing bodies healthy and in shape.

4. Exercise Routine Charts for Kids

Lots of teenagers attend dance classes, or love to dance in general, which is great because it’s a positive physical activity that can keep them healthy and help them maintain a proper weight. Our printable charts with a dance theme are the perfect way to keep teenagers organized and let them show off their personalities.

5. Workout Chart for Teens

Workout charts for teens are a great way to manage your child’s physical fitness, especially when they are involved in a scheduled sport like soccer. Keeping fit and staying active is important to maintaining a healthy weight during formative adolescent years, but with these printable charts you and your teens can keep track of practices and make sure that enough time is dedicated to physical activity.