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Your kids can learn how to set realistic and measurable goals with these free goal charts. Assign points to each goal and agree on rewards that your child can earn by exchanging their points.

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Goal Charts for Kids
1. Goal Charts for Kids

Goals are an important teaching tool for any child from the home to the classroom...

Goal Setting for a Child
2. Goal Setting for a Child

Setting goals for your child is a great way to motivate and teach responsibility...

Child Chart with Goal
3. Child Chart with Goal

Goals are very important...

Goal Setting for Children
4. Goal Setting for Children

With this chart you can use this to keep track of any type of goals your child has for themselves they want to accomplish either by the end of the year, end of the school year or by a certain time period which all depends on your child's interests and dislikes, your child might want your opinion or advice about their goals...

Goal Setting for Kids
5. Goal Setting for Kids

Setting goals with your children can be a great way for you guys to bond with one another and for you guys to get to know each other a lot more...

Children Charts with Goal
6. Children Charts with Goal

Getting children to complete goals and tasks can be a difficult thing to do for any parent or teacher...

Charts with Goals and Reward
7. Charts with Goals and Reward

There is a belief generally that the combination of a reward with a goal is one of the most effective ways to motivate a younger child...

Goal and Reward Chart
8. Goal and Reward Chart

A goal and reward chart is a way to help children understand positive, healthy behaviors...