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Weekly Practice Charts

If your child plays a musical instrument then our music practice charts are a great tool to help your kid become a master musician. List the different lessons your child needs to practice and have them check off each one as they're completed.? We also have music themed behavior charts.

10 Charts Available
1. Music Practice: Piano

Without consistent practice, young kids can easily forget what they have learned when it comes to playing a musical instrument, especially an instrument like the piano. Use our free music practice: piano chart to help your kids keep track of their weekly piano lessons. Make a list of all the lessons for each month and have them check off each one as it is completed.

2. Music Practice: Trumpet

To play the trumpet well you must practice on a consistent basis. Our free music chart printables can help your children get organized and keep track of all of their music lessons every month. Make a list of all of your kids’ trumpet lessons on our music practice: trumpet chart so that he can become a master trumpeter in no time.

3. Music Practice: Violin

The violin is one instrument that takes many years of constant disciplined practice to learn. Young kids who get organized early and stay on top of their lessons will be more likely to master this instrument. Our free printable music practice: violin chart lets your child check off each weekly lesson as it is completed throughout the month.

4. Music Practice: Cello

It takes years to master a string instrument like the cello. With a little dedication, organization and discipline, however, your child can be well on his way to perfecting his playing skills. Teach your children to be organized by listing all of the lessons to be completed throughout each month on our free printable music practice: cello chart, and having your kids check off each lesson as it is completed.

5. Music Practice: Drums

When it comes to percussion, there are many different instruments available to master, which means a variety of weekly music lessons. Make a list of each lesson your child needs to practice and have him or her check it off as it is completed each week. Don’t let your kid forget his next practice assignment. Print out our drums practice chart and start using this free tool today.

6. Music Practice: Recorder

The recorder is a great instrument for young kids to begin learning to play music at an early age. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners, in particular, will enjoy playing the recorder. Our free music practice charts provide your children with a tool that helps them keep track of their music lessons each week. Use our music practice: recorder chart to help your child master the recorder.

7. Music Practice: Electric Guitar

Our printable music practice: electric guitar chart is free and easy to use, and is a wonderful way to teach your child to stay on top of his weekly music lessons. Simply write down all the lessons to be completed for each month and have your child check off the ones that he completes.

8. Music Practice: Acoustic Guitar

For beginners learning how to play the acoustic guitar, our music practice: acoustic guitar chart can help your kids get organized and learn to play fast. Make a list of all the lessons to be learned each month and your child can check them off as they are complete. Our free music practice charts are great tools to help instill good child behavior and discipline at an early age.

9. Music Practice: Clarinet

The clarinet is a difficult instrument to perfect without consistent practice and discipline. Our free music charts to print are easy tools to help your child stay on top of lessons for any musical instrument. Use our music practice: clarinet chart to keep track of weekly lessons throughout each month and your children will be on their way to becoming clarinet virtuosos in no time.

10. Music Practice: Saxophone

Our free music practice: saxophone chart will provide your children with a great way to track their weekly music lessons. By staying organized, your child can stay on top of every lesson and master his instrument in no time. Our free practice charts for music help to instill positive discipline in your child early on.