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Reward Charts for Kids: Week Goals

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These reward charts for children let you list a task, behavior or goal that you want your kid to achieve, along with the reward they can earn. For each day of the week they successfully achieve their goal, have them check off the day on the chart. Once all days are checked, reward your child for doing such a great job! Reinforce the rewards program by trying our online points system.

4 Charts Available
1. Free Printable Incentive Charts

Motivate your kids by rewarding them for their hard work. Use our free, printable reward chart to display the daily tasks you wish them to complete; if your kids successfully complete all the tasks for all the days on the chart, offer them a reward. This will give your kids a sense of accomplishment and motivate them to be responsible and consistent.

2. Incentive Behavior Chart for Kids

Motivate your kids to do their household chores and homework, or simply to meet your behavioral goals for them, by displaying your daily expectations on this reward chart. Write down the tasks you wish them to complete and mark off the days when they complete all that is expected of them; reward them when all the days are marked off.

3. Behavior Chart with Incentives

Positive parenting tools, like this reward chart, can help teach kids about responsibility and consistency. Display all the tasks you expect them to complete for every day of the week, and mark off tasks that are done successfully. If all the days are marked off, give your kids a reward. This will give them a sense of accomplishment at a job well done, and show them how important it is to fulfill their obligations.

4. Printable Charts with Incentives

This reward chart is a great positive parenting tool for parents. Motivate your kids to complete their homework or meet your behavioral expectations by displaying the tasks they need to complete in a given day, and checking off days when all the tasks as completed. When every day it checked off, give your kids a reward for their hard work!