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Reward Charts for Kids: Many Goals

Free Printable Reward Chart

Our reward charts for children allow you to list a motivating reward that your child can receive if they successfully achieve a specific goal that you establish. These reward charts let you list multiple goals and rewards for your kid. For each success have your child mark off a step towards a goal. Once all steps are completed, reward your child for a great job!

6 Charts Available
1. Charts for Children: Rewards

The best way to motivate your kids is through positive parenting; give them a sense of accomplishment for completing their chores, their homework, or the behavioral goals you set for them. Our free, printable reward chart can help. Use it to display the tasks you expect them to complete, and mark off the ones they do. When they complete a certain number of tasks, give them an agreed-upon reward, like a trip to the park or a gift certificate.

2. Incentive Chart

Teach your kids about responsibility and consistency by using our free, printable chore chart. The chart will help you display the expectations you have and track the progress your kids make in completing their homework and chores. You can even use it to motivate them toward reaching behavioral goals. Reward them for completing a certain number of items on the list.

3. Reward Charts for Children

Use positive parenting tools—like our free, printable reward chart—to motivate your kids. The chart will allow you to display, visibly, the expectations you have for your kids, and also to mark off tasks they successfully complete. When they complete a certain number, give them a reward, agreed upon ahead of time. Your kids will learn responsibility and also develop healthy self-esteem.

4. Free Reward Charts

Use positive parenting techniques—such as our free, printable reward charts—to motivate your kids to do their chores and their homework. Visibly display the tasks you want them to complete, and allow them to accrue “points” to be used toward rewards such as a gift certificate or a trip to the park.

5. Free Incentive Chart

Positive parenting tools, like our free reward chart, can help you encourage your kids to do their homework and their chores, or simply pursue certain behavioral goals. Display the tasks you wish them to complete on the chart, and mark off items that are finished. Give your kids a reward—bake them cookies, or take them to the park—for a job well done.

6. Free Charts with Rewards

Motivate your kids to achieve success in their schoolwork, their chores, or simply their behavior. Use positive parenting techniques, such as our free, printable chore charts. These charts can be used to visibly display the tasks you want your kids to complete. Record their progress, and reward them for a job well done.