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Progress Charts for Toddlers

Great for Preschool & Kindergarteners

No matter what your child is trying to accomplish, their progress should be recognized! Our progress charts are a fun and interactive way for your kids to track their progress for almost any task or goal. For hundreds more chart styles, be sure to check out our behavior chart category which includes everything from cars to princess themes. Be sure to also check out our children chore charts which are great for toddlers.

8 Charts Available
Progress Charts for Kindergarteners
1. Progress Charts for Kindergarteners

Children love to excel at everything they encounter...

Progress Charts for Children
2. Progress Charts for Children

Every one needs to be reminded of their progress every once in a while, and children need it just as much as we do...

Progress Charts for Kids
3. Progress Charts for Kids

When a parent or a teacher wants to get a child to complete a goal or do something that takes several steps, it can be very difficult to keep that child on track and not get distracted by other children or by a TV...

Kindergarten and Preschool Charts
4. Kindergarten and Preschool Charts

Looking for a reminder chart for your preschooler or kindergarten aged child? How about a chore chart? Kid Pointz has all the charts you need to get your little one up and going on a daily basis...

Charts for Preschoolers
5. Charts for Preschoolers

The preschool age is one of the most important time in a child’s life because during this time, they are absorbing every little bit of information that is handed to them...

Progress Charts for Preschoolers
6. Progress Charts for Preschoolers

When children are able to see progress during the week after completing homework or performing chores at home or at school, it usually results in children doing more work because of being proud of their achievements...

Charts for Kindergarteners
7. Charts for Kindergarteners

Kid Pointz is a website for parents, that helps teach them about child behavior and reward systems for children...

Progress Behavior Charts
8. Progress Behavior Charts

The Santa Progress Behavior Chart is a great way for your toddler to work on a specific goal during the holiday season...