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Behavior Charts: Color Your Own

These popular behavior charts allow kids to color in the designs on each chart. Children enjoy being creative and these behavior charts let their artistic talents shine. Your child can track their progress as they improve their behavior and color in each box as they achieve their goals.? Be sure to read our parenting articles about behavior and kindergarteners or preschoolers.

13 Charts Available
1. Behavior Chart: Color Your Own

Allowing your kids to decorate their own behavior chart is a great way to get them involved in their own positive behavior goals. Print the chart and then allow your kids to color it as they wish. Then, display the tasks you expect them to complete, making sure to let them place a sticker beside each item as it is finished. Make sure to reward them for their hard work!

2. Chore Chart - Rocket

It's not easy to get kids to do chores and help around the house. This printable chore chart gets your child involved by coloring the chart, and coming up wiith the chore list together.   Set great rewards if you want to motiviate your child to learn about great behavior and helping their parents.

3. Color Your Own - Butterfly

Track your child's behavior progress by having them color in their behavior chart.  Learning about good behavior can be fun, and you will enjoy interacting with your child and coming up with fun rewards to help them learn about behaviors and chores to help around the house.

4. Behavior and Chore Chart - Robots

Get your child involved with their behavior and have them color this robot themed children chart for chores and behaviors.    Teaching kids help around the house is a great habit to teach your child early. 

5. Free Printable Bumble Bee Behavior Chart

Buys kids will like the busy bee free printable behavior chart. Create your own fun kids activity and get your child involved to make learning more fun. Children can color this great chart and learn about good behavior habits. Make learning fun, and bond with your child while you talk about what behaviors are expected of them and how they can help.

6. Kids Chart: Color Your Own

Kids love coloring. Use our “Kids Chart: Color Your Own” behavior chart and let your child create his or her own theme for the page. Your child can then use the chart to view his progress by checking off certain goals and behaviors as they are accomplished. Reward your child with an award certificate or with a special prize from our Kid Pointz store.

7. Chore Chart - Tools Theme

Using the right tool for the job always makes things easier.  The same is true with our children's behavior!  Use this tool theme behavior and chore chart and get the job done right.   

8. Kids Charts: Color Your Own

Our “Kids Charts: Color Your Own” behavior charts are a great tool for parents who want to know how to teach children to develop good behavior. Your child can color his own chart and then use it to track his progress as he accomplishes certain goals or tasks. Then award your children with prizes from our Kid Pointz store or with one of our award certificates.

9. Printable Monkey Behavior Chart

Get your children involved with good behavior habits by printing this cute monkey behavior chart. This chart is designed for your child to color in themselves. Not only can you work on behavior, but this chart is a great kids activity that will make learning fun.

10. Color Your Own Behavior Chart

Allow your kids to get creative with our free, colorable behavior charts. Your kids can decorate these charts as they please; then, you can display the tasks you would have them complete, be they homework items or behavioral goals, and mark off each goal as it is met. Your kids will feel a sense of accomplishment as they decorate their own charts and then mark off their completed tasks.

11. Printable Chart: Color Your Own

Motivate your kids to become invested in their own behavioral goals by printing our colorable behavior charts. Your kids can decorate these charts however they wish, and then you can display the behavioral goals you have for them. As each goal is met, let your kids place a sticker on the chart. When they attain a certain number of stickers, reward them with a treat you agree upon beforehand.

12. Chore Chart - Under the Sea

If you're feeling underwater with household chores, use this cute chart to get your child engaged in helping around the house.   Work together to set up behavior and chore tasks and then track their progress and offer rewards when tasks are complete.

13. Color Your Own - Beach Theme

Help your child learn about using good behavior and doing chores around the house.  Perhaps create a reward of playing int he sandbox, or going to the beach. As your child makes progress, add up their points and redeem them for play time.