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Behavior Charts: School

Printable Charts - Preschool

Use our school themed behavior charts at home or in the classroom. Parents and teachers enjoy using these fun, colorful behavior charts with kids to help teach them respect, self control, and responsibilities. These charts are also excellent for tracking homework and reading.

5 Charts Available
1. Kids Chart: Classroom-School Theme

Many schools use behavior charts to motivate kids. Teachers who are struggling with how to teach kids to practice respect, self-control, and positive behavior at school can use our “Kids Chart: Classroom-School Theme” behavior chart for children. This colorful sticker chart uses a points and rewards system. Kids earn points for their academic achievements and good behavior and may redeem them for prizes from our Kid Pointz store.

2. Behavior Chart: Classroom-School Theme

Sticker charts are a proven way to motivate children toward positive discipline and good behavior. Teachers can utilize our “Behavior Chart: Classroom-School Theme” free print to track their students’ behavior progress daily. When the chart is full of stickers or points, students can redeem them for a school themed award certificate or a prize, such as the ones available in our Kid Pointz store.

3. Classroom - Student Behavior Chart for Kids

Teachers can use our Student Behavior Chart for Kids to encourage respect, self-control, obedience and discipline in the classroom. Assign points for good behavior and let students redeem them for extra credit or perhaps for a special gift from our Kid Pointz store. Or reward them with a school themed award certificate that highlights their academic achievements and good behaviors.

4. Printable Chart: Student Theme

Our colorful school themed behavior charts are great motivational tools for teaching children to behave well inside the classroom. Place stickers on this “Printable Chart: Student Theme” page to keep track of your kids’ behavior progress and watch their self-esteem rise as their chart fills up. Then award your children for their hard work with a colorful school themed award certificate.

5. Kids Charts: Classroom - Student Theme

Teachers can use our colorful school themed behavior charts to motivate children to practice good behavior in the classroom. Reward them for their academic achievements and for their obedience by placing stickers on this “Kids Charts: Classroom – Student Theme” behavior chart, whenever they behave. When the chart fills up, give them a colorful award certificate or a special gift such as those available from our Kid Pointz store.