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Behavior Charts: Variety

Charts for Children - Many Templates

Behavior charts are a great tool to motivate kids to improve their behavior. This collection of behavior charts feature a variety of fun designs for children of every age. List the rules, chores and responsibilities for a child and let them track their progress.

15 Charts Available
Behavior Chart: Peace Theme
1. Behavior Chart: Peace Theme

This chart can be used for a variety of situations or ideas such as how peaceful your child behaves during the week or weekend for various things such as either dinner time, nap time, school time, homework time or just how they're behaving at all times and many parents have used this as a reward chart for behavior...

Behavior Charts:  Candy Theme
2. Behavior Charts: Candy Theme

This chart can help you determine how many times a week or a day your child has either asked for candy or wants to eat candy or can be used as a reward chart for your child to determine how well your child has behaved during the day or the week in order to receive a piece of candy for good behavior or how well they did in school or while playing with their other siblings if they have any...

Kids Charts: Circus Design
3. Kids Charts: Circus Design

Have you ever wanted your child to be organized while having fun? Have you ever wanted to teach your child to follow an organized chart with interactive design? Look no further because these Circus Charts which you can find on this website

Kids Behavior Charts to Help Parents
4. Kids Behavior Charts to Help Parents

If you are not teaching your children the importance of helping parents out, it is now the time to start doing this...

Behavior Chart: Game Theme
5. Behavior Chart: Game Theme

I can remember when I was growing up how fun it was to get a reward in school, or at home for doing something good...

Kids Chart: Games Theme
6. Kids Chart: Games Theme

A perfect way to bond with your child is to focus on the negative behavior that the child has...

Kids Charts: Fireworks Design
7. Kids Charts: Fireworks Design

Many parents have chose this chart mainly to be able to keep track of different types of trips they might plan on taking their child or children to in the Summer which might consist of Fireworks or the 4th of July which is usually when many adults plan on having Fireworks at their family gatherings or dinners...

Printable Chart: Birthday Theme
8. Printable Chart: Birthday Theme

It's time to celebrate and do something special for birthdays! So when it's time be sure to give lots of thought to what rewards can be earned during this time of year...

Colorful Chart for Kids: Candy Theme
9. Colorful Chart for Kids: Candy Theme

Most children enjoy candy of any kind, and a candy theme colorful chart can help parents and teachers incorporate this enjoyment with getting chores completed as well as homework assignments and other activities that children need to do during the week...

Kids Chart: Clowns Theme
10. Kids Chart: Clowns Theme

If your child loves to clown around,but needs to better have their behavior in better order then here is the perfect option for you! This brightly colored chart is our one of a kind "Kids Chart:Clowns Theme" Bring out the clown in your child, while establishing positive behavior traits...

Printable Chart: Games Theme
11. Printable Chart: Games Theme

Ready to have some fun with you kids with this chart it is perfect for your little ones...

Behavior Chart: Circus Theme
12. Behavior Chart: Circus Theme

If there are any parents that have children that are interested in the circus, then this themed behavior chart is a must add to any parenting regimen...

Behavior Charts:  Orange Stars
13. Behavior Charts: Orange Stars

This colorful behavior chart with an orange stars theme...

Charts for Children: Candy Theme
14. Charts for Children: Candy Theme

By now both children, students, and parents are probably familiar with behavioral charts...

Kids Charts for Behavior
15. Kids Charts for Behavior

With using these behavioral charts for your child you have the ability to track your child's behavior during the day or during the week which also depends on how far or how long you decide to track your child's behavior patterns as well as any behavior issues your child might have...