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Kids Chart: Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Theme

Kids Chart:  Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Theme

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Use this exciting and cool Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Theme printable chart to motivate your kids and keep them entertained. It can be used for chores, homework, manners, hygiene practices, and anything else you can come up with. The sky is the limit for this printable behavior chart. Does your kid love hockey and wish to go see the Phoenix Coyotes play? Use this to help improve your child's behavior and earn some tickets to a game! It can be a very beneficial tool to use special interests to gain the attention of your kid. The Phoenix Coyotes is a professional hockey team based in Phoenix Arizona. The chart offers a space for a description, how many points each item is worth, and a slot for each day of the week starting on Sunday. At the end of each row, there is a box to tally up the total. Just fill in the boxes, add up the points, and don't forget to include which week it's for! There is also a spot to fill in your kid's name to help keep things organized. With enough points, you can award your child with something interesting, like tickets to see an Arizona Coyotes hockey game competing against another National Hockey League team.