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Behavior Charts: Theater

Kids Behavior Charts - Theater

Use our Theater themed behavior charts to inspire your child to develop good manners and behaviors. Create clear expectations by listing the responsibilities, goals and rules for your child on these charts. Parents can assign points and rewards as a way to motivate kids to meet their obligations.

4 Charts Available
1. Kids Charts: Theatrical Theme

Our “Kids Charts: Theatrical Theme” behavior charts are sure to motivate children who struggle with behavior problems to begin acting out good behaviors on a daily basis. Parents can list the daily habits and goals you wish to nurture in your kids, and watch them check off each one as they succeed. Reward them with a prize from our Kid Pointz store.

2. Theatrical Behavior Charts: Child Behavior

Does your child love theater? Make acting out good behaviors and actions like respect toward siblings fun for your children with our “Theatrical Behavior Charts: Child Behavior” free printable charts. Watch them check off their daily habits and goals one by one and congratulate them for a job well done by taking them to a play or spending time with them on a favorite activity.

3. Behavior Chart: Theatrical Theme

Our “Behavior Chart: Theatrical Theme” printable kids charts are the perfect motivational tool for kids who love theater, to act out good behaviors and habits on a daily basis. Teaching children to practice child discipline is easier than ever with our points system, which provides a reward for children who succeed. Pair the chart with a dance themed award certificate to congratulate your children for jobs well done.

4. Printable Chart: Theatrical Theme

Parents who are struggling with how to talk to your children about the importance of good behavior can struggle no more. Let our “Printable Chart: Theatrical Theme” behavior chart do all the talking for you. Your children will learn to act out the behaviors and goals you set for them on a daily basis. Take them to the theater to reward them for their hard work.