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Behavior Charts: Princesses

Free Printable for Kids

These popular princess themed behavior charts inspire children to develop manners and behaviors fitting of a princess. List the behaviors and goals for your child on the chart and assign points for each accomplishment.

5 Charts Available
1. Printable Chart: Princess Theme

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. Use our “Printable Chart: Princess Theme” page to capture your child’s imagination and motivate her to develop good behavior. Children reward charts use a points system to track kids’ progress. Allow your child to mark off each goal or task as it is accomplished and give her a reward from our Kid Pointz store.

2. Behavior Chart: Princess Theme

Little girls love princesses. Our “Behavior Chart: Princess Theme” printable chart will capture your child’s heart and imagination as she strives to behave like a princess herself. Watch her self esteem rise as she accomplishes each goal you set for her and reward her with prizes from our Kid Pointz store or with a princess-themed award certificate.

3. Princess Behavior Chart for Kids

The behavior of children can be positively influenced with our incentive program, which uses a points system to reward children for their hard work. Little girls will love this “Princess Behavior Chart for Kids” and will be motivated to earn the title as “your little princess”, by doing their chores and achieving the goals you set for them. Rewards are available in our Kid Pointz store.

4. Kids Chart: Princess Theme

Use our “Kids Chart: Princess Theme” behavior chart to teach your child the importance of courtesy, respect, good manners and positive discipline. Watch your child strive to behave like a princess and place a sticker on the chart whenever she achieves a certain goal. Celebrate your little girl’s achievements with a princess theme award certificate.

5. Kids Charts: Princess Theme

Printable behavior charts for children are a fun way to provide kids incentive for practicing good behavior. Teach your little princess the importance of good manners and child discipline with our “Kids Charts: Princess Theme” free printables. When your children accomplish the goals you set for them, place a sticker on the chart and pair it with one of our princess theme award certificates.