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Behavior Charts: Christmas

Printable Charts for Kids

Use our Christmas themed behavior charts to help your children maintain self-control and good manners during the holiday season. Reward your child for desired behaviors such as displaying patience, following instructions, and treating siblings with respect.

6 Charts Available
Behavior Chart: Chirstmas Theme
1. Behavior Chart: Chirstmas Theme

Parents have the ability to track their child’s thoughts about Christmas, Santa, Reindeer, Mrs...

Kids Charts: Chirstmas Theme
2. Kids Charts: Chirstmas Theme

When it's time for Santa Claus to deliver toys, children might want to earn extra money by doing chores at home or keep track of their behavior to make sure they are on the nice list...

Printable Chart: Chirstmas Theme
3. Printable Chart: Chirstmas Theme

This Christmas chart can mainly be used to track what type of Christmas stories your child wants to hear about, talk about or if you choose to read any stories to your child then you can keep track of which ones you already read to them and maintain a list of the ones your child likes the best...

Chirstmas Behavior Chart for Kids
4. Chirstmas Behavior Chart for Kids

This behavior chart is amazing for the holidays to get your kids to practice that good behavior attitude...

Kids Behavior Chart: Chirstmas Theme
5. Kids Behavior Chart: Chirstmas Theme

You will have so much fun with your kids this Christmas by challenging them to earn as many points as they can on this Christmas themed behavior chart! The first and second columns are for behaviors (e...

Kids Charts: Chirstmas Theme
6. Kids Charts: Chirstmas Theme

Some parents choose to use this chart to document topics their child has brought up about Santa, reindeer, elves and anything that brings up Christmas or describes Christmas, some children talk about stories they have heard or read at school which you can write down in this chart and show your child later on in life...