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Behavior Charts: Easter

Printable Charts for Children

These Easter themed behavior charts will excite your children about the holiday. Use the charts to list behaviors and goals for your child. Encourage your kid to hop over and check off a box for each behavior or task they accomplish. We also offer general bunny themed behavior charts.

5 Charts Available
1. Behavior Chart: Easter Theme

Use these Easter-themed behavior charts to harness the spirit of Easter and motivate your kids toward good behavior and positive manners. Record the goals you set for your kids and let them place stickers beside goals that they meet. Reward them for attaining a certain number of stickers. Consult our parenting articles for more practical tips on implementing these great positive parenting tools.

2. Printable Chart: Easter Theme

Use the spirit of Easter to encourage your kids as they pursue good manners and positive behavior. These Easter-themed behavior charts will help. Allow them to place a sticker beside every item goal they successfully meet, and reward them when they reach a certain number of stickers. Our parenting articles offer further practical suggestions on how to implement tools like these.

3. Kids Chart: Easter Theme

Motivate your kids toward good manners and positive behavior with these Easter-themed behavior charts. Allow your kids to place a sticker beside every behavioral goal that they meet, and reward them when they get enough stickers. This positive parenting technique will help give your kids a healthy self-confidence and an understanding of consistency and responsibility.

4. Kids Charts: Easter Theme

Use our printable, Easter-themed behavior charts to display for your kids the behavioral goals you expect them to meet, then allow them to place a sticker beside every goal that is completed. When they get a certain number of stickers, give them a reward for their hard work. Our parenting articles offer further suggestions for positive parenting.

5. Easter Behavior Chart for Kids

Kids love Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny, which makes these Easter-themed behavioral charts a great way to motivate them. Record the good manners or other behavioral goals you have for your kids, and allow them to hop over and place a sticker by every one that they complete. Then, reward them for a job well done!