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Behavior Charts: Halloween

Charts: Printable for Kids

Our Halloween themed behavior charts are perfect for making this holiday fun and safe. In addition to the typical behaviors and chores for your child, be sure to list a variety of Halloween safety rules that they can review each day before the holiday.

6 Charts Available
1. Behavior Chart for Kids on Halloween

A Behavior Chart for Kids on Halloween can help provide parent support when it comes to teaching your child to practice safe habits while trick-or-treating. Instill good behavior in children by making a list of specific safety rules to follow, and rewarding children for a job well done with one of our award certificates.

2. Printable Chart: Halloween Theme

Our “Printable Chart: Halloween Theme” child behavior chart provides help for parents who want to teach their children good safety practices on Halloween. Make a list of the rules you want your child to follow, including, “walk in a group, never enter a stranger’s house, and ask permission to eat candy,” and reward them for a job well done with an award certificate.

3. Behavior Chart: Halloween Theme

Our Halloween-themed behavior and safety chart is a great way to motivate your kids during this festive season. Use it to encourage good manners and behavior, but also to keep track of the daily safety precautions and routines that are especially valuable during the Halloween season. These charts will help keep the season safe and fun for your whole family.

4. Halloween Behavior Chart for Kids

This Halloween Behavior Chart for Kids will help to ensure a safe holiday for parents and children, using a reward system that motivates kids to practice safe behavior while trick-or-treating. Make a list of safety rules to be followed on Halloween and go over it with your kids before the holiday arrives. When they follow the rules, award them with one of our certificates.

5. Kids Chart: Halloween Theme

Our free printable charts for kids provide parents a positive way to shape their kids behavior. Use our “Kids Chart: Halloween Theme” behavior chart to teach your child safe habits on Halloween. Make a list of the rules such as, “never walk alone, avoid entering a stranger’s house, and have your candy inspected by a parent before you eat it,” and give your child a reward for good behavior.

6. Kids Charts: Halloween Theme

Teaching your children good safety practices for Halloween is important to ensuring a fun and stress-free holiday. Use our “Kids Charts: Halloween Theme” behavior charts to list typical behaviors such as “never walk alone, never enter a stranger’s house, and always ask permission from your parents before eating candy.” Reward your child for following the list of rules with one of our award certificates.