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How to Be Like SuperNanny

Do you wish you could get kids under control and on the right path in the time that Supernanny does it? Our Supernanny tips will help you make it happen. While this may seem difficult, we are here to tell you that it is a lot easier once you have done some homework first. We provide Supernanny tips, so you know how to improve kids' behavior. With our free Supernanny charts, you have the tools to help you put an effective parenting plan into action. Once you know the ins and outs of what tactics and behavior tools are available to you, you can become the next best thing to Supernanny herself!

Supernanny Advice and Techniques

You'll notice that Supernanny uses positive reinforcement of children's good choices; rewarding good behavior is important for kids. It helps them see real, immediate benefits of obeying parents and making the right choices. This is Supernanny advice every parent should take to heart. When a child is displaying behavior problems or has disobeyed, use of a Supernanny time out is beneficial in several ways. Done correctly, this calms both the situation and the child down. Supernanny time outs redirect children and give them time to think about what they've done.

Supernanny Charts

Use Supernanny charts, or similar reward and chore charts, to track kids' behavior. This is a simple, clear way for both the children and the adults to monitor progress and celebrate successes. A Supernanny reward chart will help you and the child set goals, which is often the first step toward better behavior. Talking to the child about what they want as a reward is a positive thing; it helps them look forward to the benefit of good choices. It is important to keep current with Supernanny charts, and to give kids feedback as their actions improve. We have Supernanny tips for parents and childcare providers, and the tools to make these strategies successful. Focus your attention on children in a positive way, stay calm and consistent, and get the free parenting resources you need on our website. Learn what Supernanny tips work best with preschoolers, elementary age kids, and even tweens and teens.