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Video Game Addiction

Before the 1980's, video game addiction didn't really even exist. Kids only played video games when they went to arcades, and they couldn't play anymore once they had run out of quarters. With the invention of home video game systems a few decades ago, children were no longer limited by the change in their pockets. Today, millions of homes are equipped with video game systems and computers, and many kids seem to have developed video game addictions. A large number of children can, and do, play long into the night! There is some good news for parents who often see video game addiction symptoms in their children's behavior: Parenting experts have had years of experience dealing with this problem, and they can help parents overcome it. Expert research in the field has revealed intriguing video game addiction statistics, some of which are referenced below. Learn what to look for, which approach is working, and what tools will help your family beat the too-much-time-spent-playing-video-games habit.

Video Game Addiction Symptoms

To start, you'll want to learn what some of the most common video game addiction symptoms are in children. These aren't the same for all kids, but if you're seeing more than 2 of these on a regular basis, it may be time to look at your child's behavior more closely. It's better to catch addiction early on, before it erodes at other parts of kids' lives (or starts hurting the family). Video Game Addiction Symptoms to Watch for in Kids: •Minimizing time spent playing video games. Does your child tell you they spent 1 hour playing, but you know they played for 2 hours or more?

  • Exhibiting defensive behavior. Are you getting an angry reaction or outright denial when asking your child about their video game playing?
  • Other parts of their life suffering. Children's other hobbies, schoolwork, friends, or sports can become neglected, because the child is devoting more and more time to game play.
  • Hiding feelings. Kids could be turning to video games as an escape, to avoid dealing with upsetting emotions.

If you think there might be a problem, first watch for the video game addiction symptoms listed above. If you want feedback or ideas on what to do next, check out the free resources on this website.

Video Game Addiction Statistics

How common is this behavior problem though? Some highly-researched video game addiction statisticsshed some light on this subject, and the details are alarming.? Media expert and award-winning research scientist Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D. has done multiple studies on the subject, and has amassed a large volume of concerning video game addiction statistics and information. He has found that:

  • Approximately 9% of 3034 children in one study displayed signs of video game addiction.
  • Children in the study played video games for a little overs 20 hours per week, on average.
  • Video game addiction is not simply a matter of playing hours of video games, on a regular basis; it involves a lack of healthy functioning in various parts of kids' lives. These can include family life, health, moral values, and school performance.
  • Children with video game addiction exhibit behaviors similar to pathological gamblers.
  • ADD or ADHD was 2 times as likely to have been diagnosed in children addicted to video games.

Changing Video Game Addiction Behavior

If you feel your child is suffering from video game addiction, you are not alone. Parenting experts and other parents have found ways to help with this serious behavior problem. Take advantage of our articles, tips and feedback on this subject. Once you determine the best approach for your child's situation, utilize the resources and tools on this website to help you get started. Our behavior charts make setting goals and tracking progress easy. You'll soon be seeing gradual, lasting results that will improve your child's challenging problem. As your child's video game addiction becomes simply a "normal" hobby again, or ceases altogether, your entire family will begin to function in a healthier manner.