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Welcome to Kid Pointz

The free parenting and child behavior resource center.

Reward Charts, Family Scheduling & Morning Routines

Whether it's Reward Charts, Family Scheduling or just getting your child going with a morning routine, our free printable charts can help. From sibling rivalry and classroom behavior to motivating kids to do chores and homework, Kid Pointz offers parenting tips and resources that can help. Our comprehensive library of parenting articles and videos provide valuable information on popular child behavior topics such as shyness, bullies, ADHD and even potty training. Kid Pointz also offers free family activities and behavior tools that can assist with a variety of behavior problems and provide you with easy to implement parenting tips. Get feedback from child behavior experts and from parents on how to fit positive parenting into your daily life.

If you're looking for a reward system or incentive program to motivate your kids then our online points and rewards application is the perfect answer.


  • Springtime Point Chart - Spring is all about new beginnings and fun! Your kids will love earning points towards fun rewards with this cheerful springtime chart!

  • Butterfly Sticker Chart - Your kids will look forward to putting stickers on this bright butterfly chart every day. Track anything from good behavior to school work, chores or even personal goals! Don't forget to agree on a fun reward for the end of the month for added incentive!

  • Hoppy Bunny Behavior Chart - Easter might have already passed, but the bunnies are still out in force! Reinforce those good behaviors all month long with this cute hopping bunny chart.

  • Baseball Behavior Chart - Encourage your baseball fan to be on their best behavior this month with this fun baseball themed chart! They'll love earning points for good behavior and getting the best score possible. You can even award your fan an Outstanding Player Award at the end of the month after all their hard work!

  • Spring Cleaning Chart - Spring is finally here, which means it's time to air out the house and get to cleaning! Help your kids gain some responsibility and earn some extra money with this fun spring cleaning chore chart!